Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ugh, New York

Returning to New York City after spending time in Minnesota is roughly the equivalent of crawling under someone's dirty, sweaty sheets.

That's all I've been able to think about the last couple of days. Not how fascinating the city is, not how convenient. How filthy. How I want to take a shower every 5 minutes. Good God I'm spoiled, right?

I had to go to the Union Square farmers market today to try to regain my perspective. That place always makes me feel good; like a little slice of heaven a brief train ride away. Dammit, wouldn't you know, all I could think about was how great the Minneapolis farmers market is, and how I wish I could go there right now. Ugh! The Minneapolis farmers market is pretty great - it's huge, there is an array of freshness and options, and you can get fried mini donuts and grilled sweet corn for breakfast at 7:30am! That's how it's done up North. Take THAT New York!

It's clear that my Minnesota pride has definitely kicked in. It might take me a few weeks to return to my fascinating, filthy, New York state of mind.

Minneapolis farmers market photos:


Ruth Sparrow said...

Oh Veronica, you are so funny! I love NY, but always want to wash my hands every 5 minutes when I am there! Ruth

Anonymous said...

Look at all those white sneakers! Ya, that's Minnesota, you betcha!
We miss ya, Hon.

Kellteck said...

Veronica I completely understand your Minnesota love! I too feel that way when I am at school in Ohio and this summer in Los Angeles

HH_Stl_Chi said...

V- I feel your pain. Just the other day I was reflecting on how NASTY the city of Chicago can be ... I have a great appreciation for green grass, trees, blue sky, clean people :-)

You'll adjust soon and remember what you love about NYC.