Friday, July 17, 2009

Ah, Minnesota!

Leaving New York City can be a strange experience if you're like me and don't get out much. Recapturing my sense of the concept of "personal space" has been simultaneously unsettling and lovely. The Twin Cities area is not desolate by any stretch, yet I still find myself wondering, where is everyone? It is peaceful. It is beautiful.

It takes me a day or three to get used to it.

Visits to my hometown always go like this: I go to my mother's adorable and colorful urban cottage home, where I stay. My arrival is announced by Buddy, small wiener dog -slash- lieutenant guard, who always reacts as though I have come to steal his food, when in reality, he should know me by now after 10 years of visits. When all suspicions have been relinquished, he is my friend once again. Ernie, my stepfather, has bought a pound of truffle cheese (cheese "al tartufo") in preparation for my stay. Upon entry to the kitchen, I am offered wine and cheese. My mom and Ernie are in the process of making a fabulous dinner, and I offer to help. My brother comes over. Conversations, consumption, and comfort ensues.

At some point, I meet my father for a meal. We go to Davannis, his progeny restaurant business of 30+ years. Dad presents me to the store manager, whom he insists that I am acquainted with, because we met one time approximately 20 years ago. He tells me what's new on the menu, and we try it. He asks my opinion. We talk about menu, ingredients, and marketing. And life, too, of course. He always has stories and wisdom to share.

I try to make it to all my favorite places to eat, which is impossible, because there are so many. Fortunately, this current visit is substantial enough for me to go to not just Davannis, but also to Caribou Coffee, Bruegger's Bagels, Rice Paper and Chino Latino.

Substantial enough to have plenty of wonderful home-cooked meals as well. I have really been looking forward to this visit.


esme's mama said...

Umm...Caribou Coffee? I was so in there with, right up until Caribou.
So sorry you had to have a low point in your visit :)
Also sorry we're missing you :(

Veronica said...

Oops! I mean, er... yay Starbucks! :)
Sorry to be missing you too! Give Esme a big smooch for me.