Saturday, July 11, 2009

How to: Pick a Fish

So, you're looking for a good fish to take home for dinner. How the heck do you know if you've got a good one? Well, there's smell... or, you could take your fishmonger's word for it. Or you could just look your fish in the eye. Like these yellowtails here.

See that guy on the bottom? That guy is lookin' a little ugly. He's giving me the stink eye - literally.

The guy just above - or should I say gal - looks great. Her eye is nice and clear, and her scales are shiny and fresh-looking. She looks like she just came from the water. Unlike the guy below her - eyes milky, scales dull and dark - he looks like he's been sitting there a while.

How do I know she's a "she?" The photo may not serve as clear evidence, but on close inspection, there is a defined little bulge in her belly, indicating that she's, well, preggers. There's roe inside that fish. Which some folks find to be a major bonus when buying a whole fish. "Buy one, get free roe!"

Other ways to tell you have a good fish: the flesh is firm, not soft; the eyes - in addition to being clear - are still rounded and not flat; and they don't smell fishy. Cook and eat your fresh fish right away.

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