Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goose Barnacles: Part 2

After receiving lots of feedback inquiring about the taste of the goose barnacles, I realized I failed to describe them much other than "expensive" and "delicious."

The flavor can really only be described as ocean-y. Not fishy, although they had a fishy-ness to them that I suspect was partially due to their trip from Spain to NYC. I imagine if they had just been plucked, the taste would have been 100% ocean-y. They were maybe similar to a clam, but also like calamari. You had to peel off the outer shell and suck the meat out using your teeth, similar to most other crustaceans.

On a side note, as a rule, I tend to really enjoy "hands on" food.

Not sure if that's a very good description, but now you have an excuse to take a vacation and taste them for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I want to know what category Goose Barnacles fall into. Appetizer? Dessert? We may have to define a new category. "Adventure".

Veronica said...

It's all an adventure! :)