Friday, September 26, 2008

Bad Cow

Feeling quite uninspired today. Had dinner last night at The E.U. on the Lower East Side, and it was overall not a great eating experience. My dining companions on the other hand were delightful - had it not been for them I might have noticed how rare my English Burger was (I had asked for medium doneness), and escaped its consequences this morning. All worth it though - to laugh with friends and hear wild tales of threesomes and other vicarious trysts.

At first impression, The E.U. seems quite promising. Tucked away off the main avenues of the LES, it has the feel of a relaxed but stylish pub. Looking back, that same vibe now seems to be more of a forced effort. I usually peruse menus online ahead of time if I have the option, since I tend to be indecisive about all the tasty-sounding items when faced with the decision on the spot. Both menu items I was looking forward to enjoying - the Thursday special, Moules Frites, and the tasting of 5 handcrafted artisnal beers - were not available. In fact, the in-house menu was quite different from the one that is featured on their website, which threw me for a loop. Also, alcohol is not served, only beer and wine, which was a minor issue for our group. The appetizers were underportioned and overpriced. The $5 marinated olives had a nice flavor, but the fact that there were about 7 of them seemed like a joke. The service was pleasant and accommodating. When our main courses arrived, one of the steaks that was ordered medium-rare came out medium-well, and it was promptly replaced. As I mentioned, I had asked for standard "medium" doneness on my burger.

Quick side note: I always find it so odd when I am asked how I'd like my burger done. It's ground beef, right? Cook it until it's done! I like my steaks rare to medium rare, but with cuts of beef, it's the bacteria on the outside you need to cook off. When it's ground up, all that bacteria is mixed in there. I'm not picky with my food and I'm certainly not a germaphobe - I'll eat that raw cookie dough - but come on, just cook my burger, please.

Ok, where was I? Bottom line: we thought the food was just ok. If you're over on the LES, by all means check out The E.U. for a beer with a friend. Have an Old Speckled Hen and some English Sticky Toffee Pudding. But it's not worth the trip alone.

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Anonymous said...

Threesomes! TMI! I thought you were a nice girl from the midwest. Sorry about you burger.