Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Like Brian Wilson Did

That's right... you know the words.

I'm lying in bed (and it's fantastic). I had one of those really interesting dreams this morning - the kind that makes you want to lie awake piecing together in your semi-conscious mind what might have happened next. But now that I'm sitting upright, I don't really remember what it was about, nor do I think it was even all that interesting. It's like having a little too much to drink, and in your half-baked mind, 3-day-old pizza sounds awesome. Like, the greatest. But the next day, it doesn't seem all that tasty or memorable. My dreams are usually 3-day-old pizza. At the time, the greatest. After the fact, more like, huh?

As much as I think about food, I would think that it would rule my subconscious. But generally, food is restricted to my daydreams. My night dreams are apparently reserved for whatever weird random thoughts I am capable of creating. Old memories sewn onto new places and people, creating some sort of bazaar brain tapestry. My food daydreams on the other hand, usually involve real places and real food, and they almost always include some kind of cheese. I read recently that women think about sex about 34 times per day. I also read recently that cheese contains ten times as much PEA, phenyl ethylamine (which is believed to release the same rush of hormones as sex) as chocolate contains.

That statistic now makes sense to me. But I think I would have provided the study with a higher number.

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