Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cavities and STDs

As in, "sugar-transmitted diseases." Such as a gripping addiction to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I found myself in a curious debate over the weekend. The topic was candy. If you had to pick one candy to marry, and another to be just a one night stand, what would be your choice? My marriage pick was, of course, the aforementioned PB cup. It would be a union of passion - after years together, you'd think us to be newlyweds, the way I just can't seem to keep my hands off. The selection drew nods and some thoughtful looks. Whoppers, my one night stand of choice, must reflect some inner kinkiness judging by the way the thoughtful looks transformed to disgusted sneers. "Whoppers?? That's a weird pick." I stand by my decision. I prefer to enjoy them in dark, seedy joints... specifically movie theatres. Whoppers are a little different. There are no other branded malted milk chocolate candies out there, as far as I know. And they are not as readily available as, say, Snickers or my trusty Reese's. I think they make for a pretty interesting affair.

My brother selected the reliable and robust Snickers for marriage, and a Hershey's Whatchamacallit bar, "because it has everything," for his one-nighter. My husband opted to marry his childhood sweetheart, the Hershey's Zero candy bar, and to have a one night stand with Caramello (tramp!).

As you may have noticed, this sugary discussion was the inspiration for this weeks' poll. Vote for yours.

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