Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'll Have What She's Having

Every day when I check my mailbox, I stick my key in and struggle with the little door, and once a month the struggle will be slightly greater than the day prior, and I know that the new issue of Gourmet magazine has been stuffed inside. I feel giddy anticipation, and the bills and junk that accompany my prize will have to wait. As much as I enjoy Gourmet, it reminds me what a food novice I am. It seems there is nothing that Gourmet does not know about food and dining of the world. Gourmet is the expert, the authority for gourmets everywhere. Something to aspire to, but also in the meantime, to not-so-gently remind me why I do not work there.

I was excited when the new October issue arrived the other day and contained this captivating article by Francis Lam. The most interesting writers, in my mind, are the ones who simply speak the truth. Sounds so easy, yet so difficult to truly execute. Lam gives a frank and emotional description of a recent dining experience at Grant Achatz's restaurant Alinea in Chicago. I had heard about Chef Achatz last year when he first was diagnosed, and I am so glad to read he is doing well. Like Lam, mostly glad for him and his well-being, but also glad I might have the opportunity to someday try his food. After reading Lam's description, how can you not long to be there?

One of the quotes from a fellow diner caught my attention, because it sums up so precisely what my blog is all about, the feeling that I seek out and celebrate. After an amazing meal that Lam describes as "stunning" and "life-changing," a woman in the restaurant within earshot "sighs a perfect sigh" and says, "I don't know if I want to go out dancing or go straight to bed." Amen, sister.

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