Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes I Can

Are you on my website right now? Turn on NBC! CNN! History is being made!

No matter what you want, believe, or vote, it's a glorious day in America. Cue the tears of joy.

I have been fasting for exactly five hours and 17 minutes at the instruction of my doctor. Her office just called to confirm my appointment tomorrow, and told me that Yes I Can eat today; all I need to do is skip breakfast in the morning. Cue more tears of joy! I just went to the store and bought a pork tenderloin, and I am going to eat it tonight at my very own Upper West Side Inaugural Ball celebration, escorted by my handsome husband and two handsome pugs, and dressed in a stunning ensemble of J. Crew sweats and a t-shirt I got on sale at Target. God bless America!


esme's mama said...

We had our inaugural ball at the Gunflint Trail Lodge...Esme was dancing away and it was a serious party topped off by ice cream for all...

Veronica said...

Sounds like fun... wish I could have been there to dance with you and Esme!