Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ISO: Biscuits

Lately I've had a major hankering for biscuits. The good ones. The ones that are fluffy and warm and buttery and big. The ones I had on a visit to New Orleans earlier this year.

I remember a time in my life where I would never - seriously, never - eat breakfast. It was when I was in college and shortly after where no one was around to make me eat it, so I could just roll out of bed and head to class, and really, I wasn't even hungry because I had probably been eating an entire pizza at 11 p.m. (or later) the night before. Now at this pushing-30-stage, where I am in bed long before 11 p.m. without a belly full of carbs to start my day, I find myself wanting a big fat biscuit at sunrise.

My husband and I ate brunch at a fantastic little spot in NOLA off the beaten path aptly called EAT. **I should disclose that my experience exploring The South is limited to this one weekend in New Orleans before I declare that EAT is where I had the best biscuit I've ever tasted.** Last week I sent an email to EAT begging them for the recipe of this biscuit. They have not responded, so I am left frustrated by unfulfilled craving.

Can anyone point me to a decent - No. No decent. Scratch decent - a mouthwateringly brilliant recipe for buttermilk biscuits?


4014 said...

Sorry, no recipe for biscuits, but I don’t mind sharing a couple of my breakfast favorites recently enjoyed on vacation.

I’ll warn you, these are by no means gourmet nor prepared with any kind of culinary insight. They’re simple, tasty and guaranteed unhealthy.

Name: Eggs, potatoes and onions.
(I’m sure there’s an official-type name for how this is prepared, I just don’t know it)

Cut up a small yellow onion and begin sautéing in a pan.

Meanwhile, skin and cube 1-to-2 small potatoes (we usually use regular old Idaho browns for this)
Microwave (yes, I said microwave, it’s time to put that thing to work) in a ceramic cereal bowl (it has to be a ceramic bowl from which cereal was eaten within 48 hours... but since cleaned of course) with a little water added to the bowl, cook just long enough so that the potatoes are a little under-done.

Throw into pan with onions and sauté.

Mix 2-to-3 eggs in a bowl adding a little milk (yes “little” is an official measurement).

Once mixed, pour over sautéing onions and potatoes.

If you’ve timed everything just right, the eggs, onions and potatoes will be fully cooked all at the same time.

Personally I like my potatoes a little brown.

What you’re left with is scrambled eggs with onions and potatoes cooked into them. Caveman food.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, add salt to taste. And I like eating mine with a big dollop of ketchup on my plate that I dip each bite into.

Usually the sides are bacon, sausages, toast and coffee, but on special occasions the side dish will be corned beef, the kind you might find at Le Aldi’s, fried up in a pan with the leftover onions and potatoes.

There are of course variations to this dish. My mother-in-law will sauté eggplant (the purple kind like in Super Mario Brothers), and then put the eggs over the eggplant in the pan, making it a true egg-plant. It doesn’t look good, and I would’ve never thought it would taste good, but it’s awesome, they’re the perfect compliment to each other (just to be clear, no onions or potatoes in that one).

Also, on our vacation the mom-in-law prepared a couple other variations of this dish I’d never seen before. For example, instead of cutting up a potato, she substituted frozen hash browns (the stringy kind), again, delish. And one morning prepared the aforementioned corned beef side and then poured the eggs over them. It was great of course (no need for salt in that variation).

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hopefully you haven’t lost your appetite.


Veronica said...

Thanks for the ideas! I love the "egg" plant. I totally have to try that one - I'm a big fan of large purple Super Mario Bros-esq eggplants.

Queen B said...

Also dying for a fabulous biscuit recipe, as we just ran out of our bag of frozen from Sam's and I am determined to make my own from now on. T grew up in AL, where only the best biscuits will I need only the best recipe I can find. If you find one, V, you must share!!

Love :)

Veronica said...

Working on this... I did a pretty yummy test round yesterday, but I think I can do better, so stay tuned!!