Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Disclosure

Last week I went back to Curry Hill and tried the Chicken Tikka Masala at Dhaba, and it had all the qualities I wanted: rich and creamy, well-executed chicken, sufficiently spicy. Plus, the lunch special came with naan. Hurrah! I still want to visit Curry Leaf and sample their fare. I suspect I’ll do that sometime this week. I also found a fantastic Middle Eastern Market that I could have lost myself in for hours had I not been on my lunch break. They offered fantastic goods not found in most local supermarkets, including a wide-array of hookahs. Although I find smoking utterly disagreeable, I am fascinated by these devices. I imagine myself lounging on a giant mushroom-esque pillow with slippers, ala the Caterpillar from Alice and Wonderland, puffing away and saying WHO. R. U?

But this was not really what I wanted to get into today. Today I wanted to share my exciting and disquieting news.

I am leaving New York for whiter, colder pastures. Many of my friends and family have been informed, so I must now share the news that I will be moving back to Minneapolis in about a month. I am fully thrilled. I am absolutely freaked out.

Thrilled because Minneapolis is my home. I love it there. Freaked because the whole process of relocating sucks, quite frankly. For me, at least. I don’t find it one bit rousing, no matter how wonderful the destination. My husband’s job is typically the main culprit, which always leaves me floundering to find a new one, and this time around is no exception. So if my writing is/has been a little off, please forgive me. I fully intend to keep up with blogging when I move, which brings me to my top ten reasons I’m psyched to bring Breakfast & Bed to Minnesota:

1- Spending quality time in the kitchen with my Mom/Step dad & my Dad/Step mom
2- The Minneapolis Farmers Market
3- The food at the Minnesota State Fair
4- The local grub. Walleye!
5- The Heavy Table
6- Cooks of Crocus Hill
7- All the amazing restaurants I used to love
8- All the amazing restaurants I have yet to discover
9- Eat Street
10- Above all, cooking and eating with family and friends

I admit it: I'll miss my cute little New York kitchen!


Minneapolis Farmers Market said...

Veronica, we can't wait to have you back.

Veronica said...

Is it weird that I'm kind of starstruck that the Minneapolis Farmers Market posted a comment??

Mom, that's not actually you being clever, is it?

HH_Stl_Chi said...

Awesome! Congratulations to you!

Anonymous said...

No, it is not me, I promise. I'm kinda starstruck, too! Pretty cool..., and I couldn't have said it better myself.
Love, Mom

Aaron said...

Glad the Heavy Table is one of the reasons you're psyched to come to Minnesota. Drop us a note when you're blogging about food here and we'll put you in the blogroll. Thanks for reading.


Aaron Landry
The Heavy Table

Veronica said...

Whoa. AND a note from Heavy Table. Awesome!! Love Minnesota.

Queen B said...

Mmmmm, can I come with you to taste test? Can't wait for you to get back. I am jealous that Mo gets to see you to bring the dogs back. Hooray for MN! Love!

Anonymous said...

Great, there goes my NY food insider. I'll probably end up at Applebees if I ever visit.

The real reason you're going back is because they opened Target Field for the Twins, right?

Anyway, congratulations and I wish all the luck with job hunting.