Monday, June 8, 2009

The Strawberries are Ready for Their Close Up

I apologize for the extended absence. It seems I have writer's block of the very worst kind. I promise: as soon as my brain resumes normal functionality (and I'm not exactly sure when that will be, nor do I really know what "normal" means), I will be back in full force.

Don't worry though; I am still eating. And cooking. And, of course, exploring. Yesterday I spent the majority of the day searching the Hudson River Valley for farms, historic sites, farmers markets, haunted sites, and most notably, farm fresh strawberries.

Nathan: "Let me get this straight. Of the whopping five pictures you took yesterday, you only took one of the Vanderbilt Mansion, not even close up, yet you took two pictures of strawberries, extremely close up?"

Me: "uh... Yes."

Nathan: "Yeah that sounds like you."


Anonymous said...

What's so great about the Vanderbilt mansion, compared to a strawberry? Mama

Anonymous said...

V! I just clicked on the fortune cookie and followed your instructions. The result was:
"Beware of odors from unfamiliar bed"


Love you,