Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Places You're Likely to Find Me

It seems wrong of me to have gone all this time without officially introducing you to the object of my affection.

Zabar's, meet my peeps. Peeps, meet Zabars.

I don't consider myself to have an addictive personality, but some forces of nature just cannot be denied. The Zabar's smoked salmon sandwich, with cream cheese on pumpernickel, is one such force. Generally speaking, I am rendered powerless against the following dynamic duos: chocolate + peanut butter, wine + stinky cheese, margaritas + more margaritas, and smoked salmon + cream cheese. I have been trying to repress these urges as of late, but, as I mentioned, some forces simply will not be denied. Not by me. I don't mess with nature.

To make your very own version, simply stack plain cream cheese and high-quality smoked salmon on a piece of pumpernickel bread. And top it off with another piece of pumpernickel. And say pumpernickle five times fast.

(You may have noticed that my nails look quite nice in the photo above. That is, in fact, my hand, and not a stunt hand. After the incident two Tuesdays ago, I decided I must paint my nails ketchup red just in case any more photographers from Saveur decide to interrupt my lunch. Just. In. Case.)


Anonymous said...

Score! Send me a sandwich soon. Love, Mom

Nina said...

your nails DO look great! you can now start your career as a hand model.

What's my name again? said...

I agree, you should be a hand model!