Sunday, March 15, 2009

Breakfast vs. Bed: Rematch

Tictictictictictictictictic... That's the sound I'm listening to at this very moment, coming from my trusty ladybug-shaped kitchen timer. I got up this morning to make muffins!

Part of me feels like a little bit of a cheater, because I really didn't have to get up that early, after all it is Sunday and I don't have any pressing engagements this morning. But in this rematch of bed vs. breakfast, breakfast wins for now (unless I decide to get back in bed with my coffee and muffins - an admittedly likely scenario - then I'll call it a draw).

I'm a little nervous as I write this because, while I'm all giddy about the idea of fresh muffins, I'm not overly confident that the end result will be as good as I hope it will be. This all started a couple days ago when, in my attempts to be ultra-economical, looked in my fridge and cupboard and tried to piece ingredients together to make something substantial without making a costly visit to the store. This is how I usually survive anyways, but especially lately.

The pairing I came up with was some dried cranberries I had leftover from my salad back in January (see recipes: salad) and a tub of vanilla yogurt, combined to make a batch of muffins, which I can then eat for breakfast over the course of several days. Sounds good in theory, but I'm a little nervous about using dried fruit in muffins. We're about to find out...tictictictic...ding! The bell signals the end of the rematch. Judges?

Hmm. One look and I could tell... not nearly as sexy as my sexy fig muffins. Taste test: well, I was right about the dried cranberry. Overall, they are fine, they taste okay, but they kind of remind me of box-mix muffins. They need something... maybe a cream cheese glaze or spread to help boost the flavor. I cannot, in good conscience, give you the recipe until these are improved. Sorry for the morning tease.

My dogs seem pretty interested in helping me eat these. Maybe if they are really well-behaved, and stay off the bed...

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Anonymous said...

Trim the daffodils and change the water in the vase, they'll last, mom
ps: I think your muffins look good.