Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hello dear food-loving friends. My apologies for the lack of editorials to my blog this month. My computer is in sad shape and needs help. After many months of my ignoring the little problems, it is now completely unusable, and I have discovered that the model has been recalled. The journey it now faces is unknown; all I can do is hope for a speedy return so I may freely access the web and continue my passion of writing about the joys of food and bed.

At this moment I am at work, totally breaking the rules of my work-computer-usage (oh Tech-slash-HR team, if you're intercepting this right now, please don't fire me, it was a food blogger emergency).

I hope to return soon.
Thanks for understanding.


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Anonymous said...

V- I hope the computer gets up and going soon, I MISS the recipes and news!! Take care! SJMS